Sunday, June 13, 2010

Amen, Tom Friedman

Amid all of the messes swirling around the world today, here's a voice of reason.  If you are as upset about the BP oil spill as you say you are, then make a change in at least one aspect of your life (hopefully more) and move toward a more sustainable way of living.  Read Tom Friedman's op-ed and get inspired.  Here are a few of my humble suggestions.....

Big picture:  Pay attention to what is happening in the next Farm Bill; it has as much to do with oil and health care as it does vegetables.  Vote for someone who supports sustainable farming practices and reducing subsidies to agribusiness.  Speaking of votes, don’t be so quick to give yours to a career politician unless he or she really deserves another term and has the political will to make the tough calls we need to move America in the right direction.  

Little picture:  Plant something. Stop eating processed foods.  Open your windows instead of using the AC. Get rid of the SUV(s).  Take the subway instead of a cab.  Better yet, walk.  Not only is it good for the planet, it's best for you!

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