Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prince Charles and the movie Harmony

With all the talk about the British royals this week I’m going to add my two cents, just not about whom you might think.  I’m interested in Prince Charles, who I’ll venture to guess isn’t on many people’s radar of cool, interesting people to follow (which could have something to do with him famously talking to plants and infamously cheating on Diana) but he is on mine. The more I delve into the world of organic agriculture and sustainable living, the more I come across his name.  For over 30 years the Prince of Wales has dedicated himself to supporting charities that focus on the environment and quality of life issues and is now considered one of the visionary leaders of the movement towards a sustainable planet.
Take for instance a few weeks ago when I saw photos of sheep grazing on London’s famed Savile Row, home of bespoke suits.  Who else but Prince Charles was behind the campaign to educate consumers about the beauty and desirability of wool?  The wool industry has been in decline for years as people turn to synthetics and high-tech materials to make much of their clothing.  Event sponsors – and the Prince – recognized an opportune moment to promote wool’s natural properties and homespun qualities, which fit into the current rage for authentic products with a “green” bent. 

He practices what he preaches, too.  The Prince of Wales’ gardens at Highgrove House, his home in Gloucestershire, England, are a model for organic agriculture and nothing short of spectacular (having a royal staff to take care of it all surely helps).
The Prince has co-authored several books on the topic of his gardens and organic gardening and also sells his own line of organic and sustainable food products called Duchy Originals.  All profits from sales go to The Prince’s Charities Foundation, which supports everything from environmental issues to health and hospice to servicemen and women.
This Friday at 10:00 on NBC you’ll have a chance to see the scope of Prince Charles’ knowledge and research on critical global issues such as climate change, organic farming, rainforest preservation and sustainable business development.  The one-hour documentary, Harmony, will introduce the world to The Prince’s well-thought-out view that a world in balance with nature is one that embraces centuries-old wisdom with modern technology.  I, for one, can’t wait to see it.  As much as I love to follow the royal romance of Prince William and Kate (and I do), I’m happy to see the spotlight on this often misunderstood, intelligent man who just happens to be the next King of England.

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